Budding time has come

2 April 2013

April in the vines

This winter may have been a long one, but it was generally mild and humid. With April came spring and a distinct increase in temperature: as much as 28-30°C on some days. This meant that the vines budded a little later than usual, but in superb fashion with what seemed like collective timing: all of the shoots were at the same stage of development. This pleased the wine-grower.

The latter monitors the transition phases from this point onwards. At Larcis Ducasse, he walks between the rows to mark the grape varieties, as some of the oldest plots are already ‘blended’ (or mixed up). Each vine is worked individually, up until the harvest which is carried out on a date chosen specifically for each one. As he passes, the winemaker de-buds with a dual aim: ensuring a harmonious spread of vegetation for a good autumnal harvest, and beginning preparation for pruning for the following year.