Travelling through time

10 December 2013

A rare moment to be enjoyed: Larcis Ducasse was uncovered in vertical tasting on 20 November 2013. From 1940 to 2010, more than thirty vintages – the majority in magnums – were scrutinised, deciphered and tasted on a journey through history, the history of a terroir. What do you do if the common denominator is a place, a region? You look to it as the framework, the thread, and draw on it for variables. Climatology and vintage contexts were deciphered by Michel Bettane. For winegrowing and winemaking, Nicolas Thienpont’s team were all on hand to help the delighted tasters. For the culture and history of the estate, co-owner Jacques-Olivier generously shared information and memories, both his own and those passed down through his family. For the fine wine tasters present as well as the collectors, connoisseurs, experts and enthusiasts this was a sumptuous revelation of the past. Also from the local area, Nicolas Magie of Saint James added another dimension to this concept of terroir on the theme of ‘here and now’. Typically regional dishes, traditional family and seasonal autumnal recipes, were paired with the carefully selected Larcis Ducasse vintages from the vertical tasting. The wines of Larcis Ducasse’s history say much about its potential and signature. As well as being delicious experience now, this experience provided new keys to the future.
Photos G. Charneau