A philosophical walk

19 May 2014

In May 2014, the eighth Festival Philosophia de Saint-Emilion took off on the age-old subject of love, which fascinates, intoxicates and is at the heart of our existence. On Saturday 45 walkers left Porte Brunet for the philosophical stroll. Their destination: Saint-Emilion’s southern Grande Côte. Philosopher Suzanne Simha punctuated the itinerary with three presentations on the given theme of ‘the love of taste’, with thoughts from Montesquieu and Brillat-Savarin, Magistrates and Philosophers who loved fine wines; from gallant to gourmet aesthetics. Taste is delicate, both physiological and psychological. It is not a solitary experience and makes no-one unhappy! Like a painting by Jean Siméon Chardin or an opera by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, taste is a gourmet, virtuous love, inseparable from a taste for life, just as wine is not a means for drunkenness but a discreet, moderate love: a lasting joy that lies within the very essence of our taste.

It was therefore only logical that our tasteful ramblers should make their final stop at Château Larcis Ducasse. Having descended the hill, crossed the vineyard and sat down beneath the large chestnut tree, they were able to enjoy a tasting session whilst pondering the philosophy of this terroir wine – a perfect illustration of Suzanne Simha’s words: ‘there can be no metaphorical love if it is not felt by the soul’.