Larcis Ducasse as seen by Alain Dutournier

24 March 2015

Alain Dutournier, inspired by Larcis Ducasse, responded to an invitation for a few winter touches: the creation of an original menu, served in the stunning Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris was accompanied exclusively by Larcis Ducasse wines. The event was a masterpiece of a moment, where the privileged few were given an opportunity to experience how truffle flavours merge with the best dishes of the day and the distinguished aromas of the famous Saint-Emilion hillsides. An original idea from Club Magno with the Cercle des Gourmettes.

Menu from 17 February:
Amuse-bouches with a twist
Murmure de Larcis Ducasse 2012
Chestnut, pheasant and black truffle
Sparkling chestnut velouté,
slivers of poached pheasant hen
Château Larcis Ducasse 2009
Deer, truffle, foie gras
Crusted deer pie à la Rossini,
truffle tapenade, hazelnut crumble, pear chutney
Château Larcis Ducasse 1989
Canard Croisé duckling, turnip, truffle
Roasted on the bone, seared foie gras, turnip surprise
Thigh wrapped in soft cabbage
Château Larcis Ducasse 1979
Fougeru Briard, truffle and Brillat-Savarin
Matured with truffles, sweet and bitter touches
Château Larcis Ducasse 1959
Victoria pineapple, coconut, baba
Confit pineapple, piña colada
Creamy baba with Cognac Hine
Cognac Hine 1983 – Jarnac
Cognac Hine 1983 – early landed
Petits fours, miniature desserts and chocolats