The art of tasting

11 June 2015

Tasting is a difficult exercise which can become hazardous if nothing is known about the wine being tasted. On Friday 17 May 2015, in Lyon, a blind tasting competition organised by EMLyon’s student association Sup de Coteaux was held: le Défi de Bacchus (the Bacchus Challenge). The venue for this high-level competition was the Château de Vivier in Institut Paul Bovuse. Amid a good-natured yet focused atmosphere, the three finalist teams faced a major challenge: recognise four wines, including Château Larcis Ducasse 2012, and suggest good pairings at the jury’s request. Lastly, the participants were tested through a sensory analysis of the wine of their choice, as a result of which the team ‘Je Suis Chablis’ took the victory home, defeating the formidable Danes of the Copenhagen Business School with their impressive prizewinning history (winners of Spit 2015 at Sciences Po, finalist in the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup etc.).