Premier Grand Cru

Classé wine

Since his appointment in 2002 as manager, Nicolas Thienpont continues putting all his efforts into making high quality of the estate’s wines, supported by David Suire, oenologue. Well aware of the exceptional potential of the Larcis Ducasse terroir, together they lead an in-depth study of the terroirs available, invest considerable amounts of resources into vineyard and cellar renovations, and combine traditional methods with innovative techniques to enhance the flavours of the land. All of this is with a view to producing great wines: delicious, pure, mineral, long, powerful and fine ‘terroir wines’ that bear the mark of the land. In September 2012, just 10 years only after Nicolas Thienpont’s arrival, Château Larcis Ducasse was made a Premier Grand Cru Classé wine in the 2012 Saint-Emilion wine classification, thus being acknowledged by its peers and rewarded for the quality of its wines and its exceptional terroir.